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Because there is knowledge, skills, learning and growth

We will provide completely new brand consulting that combines marketing, communication, and management strategy. If you have a background in marketing or a background in management consulting, why not use your skills to create a new field together in a new company?

job description
Provision of consulting services regarding:
・ Building a corporate brand strategy
・ Building a business brand strategy
・ Building a brand system strategy
・ Build a brand management system
・ Brand development
・ Marketing process innovation

■ Treatment Preferential treatment/annual salary system according to experience


■ Work location: Kumamoto, Tokyo, overseas


■ Qualifications Those who meet the following requirements are assumed
      Person with management consulting experience.
・ Those who have experience in strategic marketing at an advertising agency.
      Person who has marketing experience at a business company.
      Persons with high communication and problem-solving skills.
      Persons with work experience of 3 years or more and less than 10 years.
· Business experience in English and other foreign languages is a plus.
However, we will respond to those who do not meet each requirement after consultation.

■ How to apply

Please send your resume (photo attached), resume (free format), and self-promotion (free format) to the address below.

*The application documents submitted will be used only for the purpose of this recruitment.

* Only those who have passed the document screening will be contacted.

*Application documents will not be returned. (We will strictly protect the confidentiality of your application.)

■ Inquiries


Please contact us for employment inquiries or use the form below.

IMC Global Co., Ltd.Person in charge: Iseri

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